About Ghost

The Ghost Foundation is a proud non-profit organisation focused on creating the world's greatest publishing platform. We're fuelled by freedom, openness, and simplicity.

Ghost is a design-led Open Source project. We're focused on the details. The end user. The experience from start to finish. We believe that free and open don't need to be synonymous with "clunky". We're creating a sustainable Open Source company with a full time team dedicated to enabling beautiful publishing around the world.

We believe that everyone has important ideas. We're building Ghost to allow people to share those ideas with the world. We're building Ghost to make sure that freedom of speech has a bright and vibrant future.

Our headquarters is the internet. If you have a wifi connection, we have an office near you. We're a distributed team working online from all corners of the planet. We don't care about counting the number of hours you spend in a chair at a desk in a small room each week. You can live wherever you want, and work however you like. As long as you're online, you can be "at work".

It's hard to know if a job will be right for you, and usually you get forced into a long-winded contract long before you have any idea of what the answer is. At Ghost, we do things differently. Everyone who works for us does a short trial contract to see if it's a good fit for them. Either way, you get paid for every hour of work which you do for us.

Current openings

No open jobs at this moment